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Puisi Romantis Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya

Dhono-wareh kembali share tentang Puisi cinta tapi untuk kali ini  puisi romantis bahasa inggris dan artinya di bawah ini sudah saya sediakan beberapa puisi romantis dalam bahasa inggris untuk anda tapi sebagian ada artinya dan sebagian lagi tidak, sebelumnya minta maap dulu kalau mau tahu artinya silahkan pake google tranlate saja lebih mudah bukan. 

Nahhh anda silahkan download puisi romantis bahasa inggris dan artinya secara gratis tinggal copas saja bisa dikirimkan kepada sang kekasih atau pacar melalui SMS atau status facebook, kadan dibutuhkan berbagai Cara untuk Mencari Cinta Sejati dalam hal ini melalui puisi yang anda buat untuk pasangan.

puisi cinta bahasa inggris dan artinya sering di cari sobat yang lagi pacaran biar hubunganya tambah menarik dan asik sebagai HAdiah Buat Pacar Tersayang dengan saling berkiriman Puisi Cinta romantis kalinya, hahahhaha 

Beerikut di bawah ini kumpulan puisi nya silahkan di nikmati semoga terhibur

Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris I Will Wait

 I want to hug you soon ...
Take tuk accompanied my steps ...
But not right to me ...
And would I force it ...
You're still not mine ...
Not yet a beloved ...
And I have not become part of your life ...
Not to be the one who always fill your heart ...
Although I felt tired last ...
I will continue to hold ...
All the longing ...
And the unspoken desire ...
You're like a month ...
Glow lit the dark night ...
Seen by my eyes without a barrier ...
But you're tough unattainable
But I must endure ...
Because you've given me hope ...
Would love an almost impossible unattainable
Although I know it's not as easy as reaching tuk mu ...
Because what you want is not just me ...
Thou daughter of the king who yearn ...
Many princes and knights who tried to reach you ...
While I'm just a nameless soldier for you ...
Yes ... I do not soldier named ...
Not as strong as the warrior ...
No semenawan prince ...
Only a dreamer with a piece of poetry alone ...
But I'm definitely waiting for you ...
Waiting for an answer from my love ...

Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris Aku menunggu Mu

Ingin ku segera memelukmu…
Membawamu tuk iringi langkahku…
Namun tak berhak aku…
Dan takkan kupaksakan itu…
Kau masih belum milikku…
Belum jadi kekasihku…
Dan ku belum jadi bagian hidupmu…
Belum jadi satu yang selalu mengisi hatimu…
Meski terasa lelah aku bertahan…
Aku akan terus menahan…
Segala kerinduan…
Dan hasrat yang tak terucapkan…
Kau bagai bulan…
Bersinar terangi gelap malam…
Terlihat oleh mataku tanpa penghalang…
Namun kau sulit tergapaikan…
Tapi aku pasti bertahan…
Karena kau tlah memberiku harapan…
Akan cintamu yang hampir mustahil tergapaikan…
Meski kutahu tak semudah itu tuk menggapaimu…
Karena yang inginkan kau bukan hanya aku…
Engkau putri raja yang didamba…
Banyak  pangeran dan kesatria yang mencoba menggapaimu…
Sedangkan aku hanya prajurit tak bernama bagimu…
Ya… Aku memang prajurit tak bernama…
Tak sekuat kesatria…
Tak semenawan pangeran…
Hanya seorang pemimpi dengan sepenggal puisi saja…
Namun aku pasti menunggumu…
Menunggu jawaban dari cintaku…
Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris

With Love to You

With love to you... wherever you are.
My heart doth send to thee.
Rivers wide and mountains tall
Separate you from me.

Looking at pictures of you and I
Seems to bring you close.
But hearing our song being played
Brings you near the most.

I remember us dancing to that tune,
Under the shade of a tree.
That day in the park together,
Our spirits running wild and free.

Whenever I feel gloomy,
I think of you and can't help but smile.
Though it doesn't last forever,
At least it lasts for a while.

Arti Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris

Dengan Cintamu

Dengan cintamu ... dimanapun kamu berada
Sesungguhnya Hatiku selalu bersamamu
Sungai lebar dan pegunungan tinggi
Memsihkan kita berdua

Melihat Foto kita berdua
Membuatmu semakin terasa jauh
Namun mendengar lagu yang kita nyanyikan
Membawa kita kembali mendekat

Aku ingat kita menari untuk lagu itu,
Dibawah naungan pohon.
Hari itu di taman bersama-sama,
Roh kita berjalan liar dan bebas.

Setiap kali aku merasa suram,
Aku melihat kamu tidak bisa menahan senyum.
Meskipun tidak berlangsung selamanya,
Setidaknya itu berlangsung untuk sementara waktu.
The thought of being
without you I cannot bear.
Don’t leave me alone
on my throne of despair.

You’re my baby
in the manger.
Without you I’m
in grave danger.

The thought of being
cold hearted I cannot bear.
Don’t leave me alone
on my throne of despair.

You’re my baby
in the manger.
Without you I’m
in mortal danger Baby

Imagine Too

Come peace and love into the mind
Of all the members of mankind,
So in the future we may find
More love, less hate

Come peace and love, let’s speak no more,
Of dropping bombs and waging war.
Let’s speak of peace and love outpour.
It’s not too late.

Come peace and love, and let there be,
No poverty, no misery,
No child abuse, no slavery,
And freedom too.

Come peace and love, let’s all be sane,
And let’s not murder or cause pain.
Let reason and our conscience reign.
This we can do.

Come peace and love, let’s take a stand
Against polluters of our land:
Destructive deeds and buildings banned.
Let’s be aware.

Come peace and love, let’s not give in
To those who use their might to win.
Let’s see an age of peace begin.
Let’s not despair.

Come peace and love, let’s learn to trust
In goodness and in what is just,
And make a world of love a must.
This can be so.

Come peace and love, and change all hearts,
So hate and war and greed departs,
And then a new beginning starts,
And love will grow.

Tropical Evening

Lying naked on a rough rattan:
The rain’s a million tiny hammers
That drowns the purring of the whirring fan,
But not the geckos’ harsh machine-gun clamours.

Then suddenly the black blanket of the evening falls.
The dazzling day turns into darkest night,
And with it comes a symphony of strident calls:
Mysterious movements and mosquito’s bite.

The guttural cry of a lonely nightjar:
The faint and slightly sickly incense smell
That brings back memories brazen and bizarre,
Finally casts its soporific spell.

Let’s Speak of Love

Let’s speak of love,
And talk no more
Of tanks and guns,
And waging war.

Let’s speak of love;
In love delight.
Let’s let love rule
Instead of might.

Let’s speak of love
Instead of hate.
Let’s speak of love.
It’s not too late.


Love reaches out
Across the miles.
Love changes tears
And frowns to smiles.

Love reaches out
And eases pain.
Love brings the sun
Soon after rain.

Love reaches out
And heals our heart.
Love that is true
Does not depart.


The power of a woman lies in her spirit.
Deep inside her soul
Where nobody knows
The soul controls her thoughts

which thus controls her actions
The sway in her walk
The blinking of her eyes
The movement of her arms

The power in her laughter
The stare glare in her eyes
The way she grinds her hips
The way she looks dead into the lens of a camera
and just when you thought you figured it all out

Taste her powerful nectar
Lie inside her soul
The power that comes from inside her throne
will make you lose control


I’ll save your lips for last

Start with the neck and move to your back
You like it slow not fast; I take my time down the path

I’ll save your lips for last

Kiss your hips and lower back where my hands meet at last
Don’t they feel like sand, you know I’m tough but you wanted a man

I’ll save your lips for last

Now I’m already at the thighs, where I’ll find the calves
My hands are playing catch up; I wanna feel every scar and scratch

I’ll save your lips for last

The lights are out so how can I tell, I’m kissing up a body I know so well
I hear you take short gasps, the rain outside is hitting the glass
I shift your body to the side, hoping inside that this lasts
Long or short you’re in for the ride, and I taste the splash

I’ll save your lips for last

My left is softly touching your chest, lips at your shoulder, back to the neck
You hate when I touch your hair but tonight there’s no protest
I must be possessed cause you’re so impressed, am I the best?
We’re both undressed and I’m so obsessed

I finally give you a kiss

The Road to Success

Nothing I see means anything to me
It’s something I learned in alchemy
Nothing I want exists in this realm
Cause to us the truth might overwhelm

Not all that I feel can be trusted
Except the journey that I’ve doubted
Yet it always seems to work that way
That after the doubt, the truth conveys

The road to success is same as to failure
Yet one has tracks more than the other
One has the footsteps of a few men and women
While the other is filled with mud and burdens

Come join the few who are paving the path
For a new generation, to take a healing bath
To shed the past and uncover the masks
Cause the answers await all those who ask

Who do you want?

She sits there waiting for compliments
With eyes so filled with utter judgments
She wears my favorite women’s fragrant
And thinks of ways for my punishment

Not a word is being said
The silence cuts, the roads ahead
She says you’re a man with a big bighead
Who needs a reality check instead

I say I’m only your projection
What you see in me, is your reflection
Maybe you need to learn Self-Love
Instead of quitting when the road gets tough

What you think is Ego, is my confidence
Or don’t you want, to feel my presence
Do you think you want, a powerless man
I can’t be that, cause it’s not in my plans
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