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Naskah Drama Cinderella Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Nigan naskah drama lagi itung itung belajar siapa tahu nanti bisa bikin film hehehehe ni gan silahkan Download Naskah Drama Cinderella Dalam Bahasa Inggris bagi agan yang saat ini belajar bahasa Inggris dan mendapatkan tugas dari sekolah untuk membuat drama menggunakan bahasa Inggris.

Teks drama cinderella dalam bahasa inggris dibaah ini adalah penggalannya silahkan donload gan DISINI
ATAU agan lagi nyari naskah drama Indonesia Naskah Drama Si Pitung Dari Betawi

Once upon a time, there was a pretty lady. Her named Cinderella. She lived with her steps family. But, her steps family pretended her like a servant.
Alice                      : Cinderella…, Cinderella…, Cinderella…!
Cinderella             : Wait, I’m coming. Why do you call me?
Alice                      : look at that. The floor is dirty. Clean it quickly.
Julie                        : no, no, no, Cinderella. I’m hungry now, cook some food first.
Alice                      : Julie, the floor is dirty.
Julie                        : Alice, I’m hungry
Alice                       : I don’t care, the floor is dirty
Cinderella            : May I say some things?
Step brother      : NO!!
Step mother      : What’s happen in here?
Step sister           : No, mom. No thing.
Julie                       : Look at that, that’s rat, rat…
Step mother      : Kill it now!
Cinderella            : Don’t touch it. Let it go away
Step mother      : Cinderella, are you sure….
Cinderella            : I’m sure mom. If we let it go, it won’t come back to here.
Step mother      : What do you talking about? I wouldn’t say it. I would say ‘are you sure want to get new punish?
Cinderella            : a…, a…, a…
Step mother      : Okay, let it go away. Then clean the floor and cook some food quickly. And you can’t dinner tonight
Cinderella            : okay, mom.
It usually happen everyday. Cinderella got big punishes everyday. One day, in the other side, in the castle, there was a charming prince. His named Prince. His parents wanted him to marry quickly, But he always disagree.

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